Printing Base options

Plain Base

Most graphics use a white base when printed.

We use Substance Ultracurve® X1.

This is the best media for motocross and powersport applications.

Holographic base

Holographic gives you a metallic finish that changes when light hits it. It has that unique rainbow or chameleon like effect.

You will definitely stand out if your graphics are printed on Holographic!

We use Substance Holographic media.

Chrome Base

Chrome is a mirror like/silver base that turns any colour into a metallic colour.

It shines great with light and it's amazing at giving graphics a sense of depth and volume.

We use Substance Chrome media.

Hyper Neon Base

This is the absolute brightest fluorescent vinyl.

This can only be used with black & white prints since colour ink will lose their color.

Photos will never do justice to how bright this base is.

It was created specifically for race cars and high-visibility applications.